When a Pegasus Blooms (part 2/2)

Season 4 spoiler below

I saw that little scene where Diamond Tiara bullies Scootaloo, saying that what a pegasus is she, if she can’t even fly. I started to think: What would happen at the end of that episode? I came up with 3 opinion:
1. We will see that Scootaloo is disabled, and this is the reason why she can’t fly. (This is what I’m definitly don’t want to happen, and I really think that this will not happen. I hope it)
2. At the end of the episode Scootaloo will fly. (Can be easily happen. I would ok with this. :) )
3. Scootaloo will not fly at the end of the episode, but we could see something that let us know, that she will someday fly. (And this is what I think that would happen, or this is what I could image the most)
In this comics I drawed how I image the end of that episode. :) Hope you don’t mind it :)

End of Season 4 spoiler

DA version:

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